Learn How Sedation Dentistry Gives You Peace of Mind

For patients with high levels of anxiety, every visit to the dentist can be frightening, even when coming in for a routine cleaning. The team of healthcare professionals at our practice in Santa Barbara has years of experience alleviating anxiety and aiding patients in receiving the dental care they need with the help of sedation-assisted dentistry.

Committed To Patient Comfort

Patients suffering from dental anxiety are prevented from receiving the dental care they need to maintain optimal oral health. While a visit to the dentist every six months would greatly improve patients’ dental health, many are too uncomfortable to do so, thus living with poor dental health. That is where Dr. Heath Montgomery’s practice can help.

Dr. Montgomery and his team care for their patients. We do everything we can to administer the services patients need in the most comforting atmosphere possible. With sedation dentistry, patients can reduce their anxiety and receive the necessary dental care that improves their health.

Our methods for sedation include:

Intravenous (IV) Sedation: Similar to what you would see in a hospital setting, IV sedation is the quickest sedation method and allows for the greatest amount of flexibility while conducting treatment. Depending on each individual’s needs, we can adjust the amount administered to match each person’s preferred level of sedation.

Oral Sedation: This method involves taking doctor-prescribed medication. Oral sedation can range anywhere between minimal to moderate levels of sedation. Patients are required to ingest their medication at least one hour prior to their appointment for best results. This medication keeps the patient conscious throughout their entire treatment, allowing communication between Dr. Montgomery and the patient. However, some patients have gone as far as falling asleep using this method of sedation-assisted care.

Prepare for your Sedation-Assisted Procedure

For patients receiving sedation-assisted service, we ask that they schedule transportation to and from our office to ensure their safety before and after treatment. Follow the directions provided by Dr. Montgomery to ensure the method of sedation works as intended.

Find Out More

Anxieties shouldn’t prevent patients from receiving the care they need for a healthy smile. To learn more about sedation-assisted dental services, call or visit our office in Santa Barbara and schedule and consultation with Dr. Heath Montgomery today!

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